Renew Smart Notebook License

Renew Smart Notebook License

1.       Open Smart Notebook.  Clear any warning boxes regarding an expired license. 

2.       At the top of the Smart Notebook window, select the “Help” menu.

3.       Select “Software Activation,” and a window will appear with a column for a product key, status, etc. 

4.       Click on the listed product key so it becomes highlighted in blue.  This will be a lengthy row of approximately 25 characters.

5.       Click the “Manage Selected Product Key…” button below.

6.       Choose the option to “Check for product key renewals and apply them.”

7.       Click “Next” at the bottom of the window and wait for confirmation.  Then click "Finish."

8.     Fully exit out of the Smart Notebook software and reopen.  The license renewal should be complete, and it should no longer display "Limited Mode" or any warnings.

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